Descendants of Slaves

Our family enjoys the tradition of watching the Roots mini series during the month of February. My intent in executing such a feat is all about us taking a moment to remember that our freedom is indebted to the countless souls of Africans, Quakers and abolitionists who came before us. We then spend the rest… Continue reading Descendants of Slaves

Rewrite Their Stories

H.O.P.E Dominican Republic

Bad stories surround us all. Our typical reaction to a negative situation is usually one of sadness or despair. It’s sad to see a young girl who is sold by her mother to the neighborhood men for tricks each day. It can be a bit overwhelming to visit a family living in a shack made of tin with holes in the wall that expose the outdoors.

Truthfully, these heart breaking experiences were like heavy weights to me a few years ago. It was too much for me to see pain that I could not cure. Women beaten by the men who promised to love them tore at my heart. Some of those women believed they had no other choice but to accept the harsh treatment.

One of the girls at our center walked in on her dad as he was cheating on her mom in their own bed. That…

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