Death has been a constant companion these days. Ruben has visited several bereaved families this month. Some in his own family have passed away as well. Sadly, a respected acquaintance of Jonathan breathed her last breath yesterday.
Sometimes our constant movement of activities make it difficult to stop. Taking a break seems like a dream that consistently looms out of reach.
As we view the sad reality of death, we must stop for a minute to re-evaluate our own lives. A very wise pastor friend recently reminded us of life’s priorities. Are we truly placing God first? Do we really give our spouse our best? Are our children undoubtedly sure and confident of our love for them?
We shouldn’t have to come to a place of “burnout” (as I’ve recently experienced) to remember that life does not have to consist of activity. It’s not an easy concept for one like me to just sit. There are times when my mind just won’t stop going, kind of like the “energizing bunny”! Yet, even I need to stop. We all need to slow down a little to ensure that our priorities are in order. Most times, anxiety comes because we are not doing what we should, when we should! We are often the very cause of our problems.
I’m truly on a journey. Truthfully, I’m on an excursion that will lead me closer to my Father. I’m inviting you to join me on this path of living out what I know is right and true. This adventure of ensuring that my relationship with God continues to grow will guarantee my maturity in Him. This path of ensuring that my husband’s needs are met in a loving and timely manner will cause my uniqueness as a woman to shine! This lifelong road of nurturing, caring for, loving and guiding my children will make me wiser.
Our household bursts with activity! We worship and pray here. We search for Godly wisdom as we seek His word here. We enhance academically as we study here. We pour out God’s love on others as we minister here. We love on one another as a family as we play together here. The ministry that we lead keeps us on our toes as we are determined to bring H.O.P.E to the Dominican Republic!
I truly hope that you enjoy looking into our lives and I pray that we can offer you a bit of encouragement as we pursue a deeper walk with Jesus Christ each day.
In the face of many leaving this earth these days, we determine to uphold our standard of living out the words of our King. Ruben Sr., Vicki, Jonathan, Selina, Jose, Josue, Ruben Jr., Joshia, Starr and Solimar all love our Master and desire to serve Him with all we’ve got! And we pray that you will do the same!

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