The Spirit of Truth

God stands at arms length and calls mankind. He beckons us to come. He opens His arms, He reaches out His hands and He begs us to come. He longs for us to come.
As we respond to His call, He takes us to a deep place. He draws us into His arms, He wraps us in His love and He beckons u to be free.
He exposes our secrets in His presence and strips us of who we’ve made ourselves to be. We must bear the pain of His stripping as He scourges us with the hyssop of His love. Yes, it is His love that purges us. It is His love that travels deep into the anguish of our souls and says, “Be free.”
It is His love that determines who we are. It is His love that breathes life into every inch of the death that surrounds us and engulfs us. His love that painfully prunes us in order to re-make us.
As we stand completely bare before His throne, His Truth draws us to the lies that rule us. His Truth overpowers the untruths that guided us and with one word sets us free!
He then covers our nudity with His clothing. He dresses us with His power and with His dignity and with His Truth. He places His garments upon our wounded and defiled bodies. He causes us to be His and to abide in His presence every moment of each day.
He sets us free to soar on His wings. We won’t fly without Him. The power of His breath causes us to run in this wild world. We can’t run without Him. The peace of His presence brings us rest as we wait on Him. We can’t rest without Him. He becomes all of who we are. He is who we are. We become His dwelling place. Wounded, broken and torn to pieces yet He chooses to abide within us. Thus mankind becomes His arms, legs, feet and hands.
We can now bring this same deliverance to others. He frees us to set others free. He loves them through us. We are His body, we wear His clothing. We speak His words. We were set free with a purpose. We were set free in order to set others free. Freedom always comes with a price. Death is usually the cost of freedom. One life for another. Let’s not forget that our very life is tied up in our death. How will we truly live if we are not willing to die? The price of a soul is expensive, but well worth it. Didn’t someone die for you? He allows the death in order to bring us to new life.
Allow His Spirit of Truth to bring you to a new place of healing. He stands near and He draws, will you respond?

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