A Quiver of Joy

Our household was very busy this summer as several teams from the United States came to volunteer in our ministry H.O.P.E Dominican Republic.  Our house buzzed early in the mornings as our guests worshiped our Savior with us, then joined us in our dining room for breakfast. We thought that the excitement would wear down once the teams went back home, but somehow we forgot that our home is usually full of adventure.

Ten of us live here! Ten people with various personalities, ideas, hopes and dreams. Ten different people who are all united by the same One who knits us together. Jonathan is our counselor who is constantly analyzing and giving us practical advice. Selina truly is our joy, she keeps us laughing when we want to cry and her creativity reminds us of our generous and loving Father God. Jose can intellectualize anything and make you wonder if you have any sense! Josue is our fighter who does not give up on anything! Ruben Jr. loves to try new things and is great with people. Josiah has always determined to be more mature than his age, you will normally find him amidst the young adults while his age group is playing elsewhere. Starr is our courageous Evangelist, she has no problem confronting non-believers and letting them know that there is an eternity that burns. Solimar is just what her name declares, the sun and the sea. She shines the light of God’s Son, Jesus all around and refreshes with the water of His presence. Ruben Sr. is our hard working example. He often goes to bed late and wakes up early to meet the needs of those he serves. Vicki just tries to manage all of these people and in doing so reaps many benefits of building strong relationships with each one.

Our quiver is definitely full of joy! We have taken a stand together during gut wrenching hard times and we’ve enjoyed one another in the good times.  I have heard that a quiver holds arrows. I must admit that the Dominguez household is full of many arrows that will shoot into this world to bring transformation to all they touch. We already see this happening as several young men have come forward to accept Christ as their Savior because of the example they see in the lives of our twins. Many girls see a new way of life now because of Selina’s commitment to lead them each week. Ruben Jr. and Josiah have influenced others at the pool where they play water polo. Jonathan is giving a group of young people a different view of life as he leads them each week. Even our youngest Starr and Solimar are shining the light of Christ everywhere they go. I would say that these arrows are already doing their job. They each go after the enemy in the way that their Master shoots them and succeed at diminishing his lies.

No matter how many you have in quiver, choose today to dedicate them to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and you will see great results in their lives and in yours as well.

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