Never Give Up

Our six year old princess, Starr recently graduated from Kindergarten. It was a great joy for all of us to see her beautiful smile as she donned her pink cap and gown. Kindergarten was not an easy feat for Starr, nor for her teacher(s). Her neurologist believes that she has several brain seizures each minute which causes a delay in her learning comprehension.
We chose to not allow the neurologist’s diagnosis determine Starr’s potential. We were sure to complete all required tests and to keep each appointment; yet determined to see Starr become all of what God created her to be. It is very easy to make these types of statements, but extremely difficult to see its fulfillment. Although it was hard, Starr completed her Kindergarten requirements.
I sat on her bed a few days ago just to give thanks to God for His amazing ability to make everything work together for good. In the midst of thanking Him, I noticed her reading words taped to the wall. All I could do was thank Him more because she effortlessly reads them now. There were so many days when I just wanted to give up!
Those words on the wall reminded me of the many times in life that I just wanted to throw in the towel. They reminded me of the days that I believed that I couldn’t take it any more. They reminded me of the moments when life seemed to unbearable to take just one more step. Yet, in the midst of all of those memories where the sweet reminders of His grace through it all. He has never let me go and He never will.
I’m so glad that I have not given up on my Savior. I’m so thrilled that the Dominguez household has decided to continue down this path of righteousness. I pray that you too will choose to keep going.

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