Count the Cost

“But don’t begin until you count the cost. For who would begin construction of a building without first calculating the cost to see if there is enough money to finish it? Luke 14:28 NLT

We counted the cost prior to moving here. We did all of what we knew to do to prepare our family for this huge step! We didn’t just do the practical things that were necessary for this move, but we also spent countless hours in prayer and in seeking God’s guidance and direction.

In spite of all our efforts, we face and have faced challenges that we were not prepared to confront. We had no idea that this task would affect our children as is has. We were not ready to deal with the shock that they have had to face during their teen years.

It is not easy to be young and hidden within the walls of your home most days. Its hard to be young and to know that when you are away from those walls it is because you have to offer your life to others. Yet, who pours into their lives?

The child of the missionary often feels neglected because they are neglected. Many times their friends in the states don’t keep up with them because they have moved on in their lives. Others feel that it is their duty to suffer, thus they have to endure insensitive remarks from supporters.

Our children watched their friends in the states get their drivers licenses when they were at age, but unable to obtain their own. There are no words to describe their pain.

They remember what it was like to be a part of christian activities where they grew; here they provide that atmosphere for others.

They remember what it was like to eat a variety of foods and to enjoy family meals; now meals are often shared with others and pretty much the same each day.

They remember what it was like to have their parents to themselves each day; now they share their parents with so many others.

I could go on and on with what it costs them to be here, but that would only make us all sad. Instead, will you decide today to understand the plight of the pastor’s child in your life or of the missionary’s child that you know?

How can one count the cost fully until actually living it out? In my limited experiences in any type of construction, there were always hidden costs that we could not see up front. This is my family’s experience today.

As we fight to save lives in this country, we cannot stop fighting for the lives of those in our own home. Please join us in this battle.

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