Our God Remains

Our faith is continually tested as we live for our God. As He speaks, we must respond with a definite, “Yes”. Faith simply believes what He says and puts forth the action to back up that belief. Our family is a living testimony to the power of a good God who delights in the faith of His children. He asked us to reach beyond our limitations and we proclaimed, “YES”. He called us out of our comfort zone, over and over again and we replied with, “YES”. How could we say no to Him?
He is the Savior of our souls. He set us free from darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of His dear Son. He led us through the wilderness and He defeated the enemy at our heels as we stood at the Red Sea. He has been good to us.
Our love for Him resounds through our obedience. We cannot back down. We must stand strong. We overcome in His strength, for He is the strong One. We hold on to His bosom and we refuse to let go.
As our family faces the daunting reality of illness, we trust Him. We trust that He is in our midst and that He is working, though we can’t always see Him. We live by faith because it pleases Him. This faith is a direct response to His command. We pray without ceasing because He told us to. We operate based upon His word and we await His precious promises. He is a good God. Good, regardless of our circumstances. He is good! He remains faithful and he remains true. We simply believe and act upon that belief. We simply trust and rest in His faithfulness.

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