Where You Go, I Will Go….

…..Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God. Ruth 1:16

There is a memory that will forever be etched my heart and mind. A lovely evening when my husband and I were young and enjoying the emotions of “young love”. He looked me in eyes and asked, “Would you go with me to the mountains if I wanted to live there?” I basked in his huge brown eyes and answered, “I would go with you anywhere.” Little did I know that I would actually come to do it!

Our marriage has been an exciting journey of unconditional love, forgiveness, repentance, acceptance and adventure! As I look back over these twenty-one years, I have no regrets. There are no regrets in true love, though loving involves many risks.  Love may sometimes hurt and bring us to our lowest at times, but it is that same love that exalts us to a place of grace.

I must say that I love my man! I would go with him anywhere and I have!

It was thrilling for me to lay aside my aspirations as I sought after God’s! I dreamed to work with hurting Latino children in NYC when I was younger. I gave up that dream for a better one as God led me to care for my own children. In taking care of my own year after year and keeping myself closely connected with my husband’s heart in helping him to accomplish God’s plan for his life; I fell into the dream that I had when I was young!

I now have the privilege to help hurting Latino children right in their homeland! God magnified His dream for my life and He has given me the opportunity to reach into eight precious lives at home and in to close to 100 lives at our center! Simply because I was not afraid to follow Him.

All the while, God really did take us to a mountain! I smile as I remember those handsome brown eyes searching my heart so many years ago. I guess God was testing me way back then. Testing my determination to obey Him. Perhaps testing the intentions of my love for Him. Whatever the case, I followed my sweetie to the mountain.

We dream of a children’s home up there. We dream of a place of refuge for tired ministry workers who need a break and we dream of camp grounds for the children and youth that need to get away from the pressures of life. God has placed that dream in our hearts and we believe that He will accomplish it just as He has proven Himself faithful time and time again for us.

 Dream with us. Pray with us. Stand with us. Only God’s dreams comes true.

Thus, I have followed God where He has taken me and I choose to continue to follow Him. He is a good leader!

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