You Will Not Be Forgotten

Knowing that death is imminent does not really prepare us for the dismal event. Our family has had to confront the despairing, heart sick reality of  precious lives coming to an end far to many times this year.

Some days, comfort seems distant. What can you say to a morbid heart that longs to hold a dear one again? How do you soothe the pain when memories of loved ones flood your mind? We know that God’s word tells us that there is no sting in death for the believer, but our emotions don’t always agree.

We nursed our loved ones as they slowly passed away, praying and hoping that perhaps this one time God would allow us to keep them. We couldn’t imagine life without them. The sleepless nights of caring for our sick were well worth it, for it was the last way that we could say, “I love you.”

Our precious Dawn, Lenny, Edna and Nana-you will be forever missed and forever loved. Although we miss you, we must move on. We must continue this race without fainting. Though we feel knocked down at the moment, God will raise us up in His time.

Each of you left us a torch to carry, thus with much dignity, we carry on. We hold high the good you represented. We live out the legacy you left behind, we will make you proud.

We will get back up again. God will give us the strength to move on. We will go forth in the name of our Jesus Christ and we will not back down. We’ll live, as you lived. We will conquer, as you conquered. You will not be forgotten.






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