Moving Forward

A very dear friend gave our family a small plaque a few years ago that is lovingly displayed in our home. The simple message of this precious gift states, “Family is always family although our branches may spread to different places, we will always be one.”
The sad reality of family is that eventually we may all end up in different places. Our children must have the opportunity to live the truths that we’ve labored to teach them while under our wings. Each must have the chance to walk out the dreams that God has placed upon their hearts as they grow in His grace.
These realities have been far in my mind and heart throughout the years, but actually coming to terms with this certainty has not been as easy as I hoped. Though, I have had to let them go with misty eyes and a heavy heart, I am extremely excited and proud of each of their accomplishments and their tenacity as they pursue life at this next level.
Jonathan, our eldest will be graduating from Army MP training in a few days, then continuing his studies at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. Selina, our second eldest is a Junior at Regent University where she majors in Communication and the Arts. She hopes to one day write and produce Christian television programs and movies.
Jose, our eldest twin, is currently a college freshman and will be attending Air Force boot camp this coming January where he will train to work as a Crew Chief for the U.S Air Force. Upon completion of his Air Force training, he will continue his university studies.
Josue, our second born twin, is also a college freshman and will join the Marine boot camp this coming May. He will train to work within the Aviation field for the U.S Marines. Upon completion of boot camp and training, he will continue his university studies.
As you may have guessed, Ruben Jr. will continue homeschooling with mom and dad in the Dominican Republic. He hopes to join the U.S Navy next year to train as a Navy diver.
Josiah will continue to homeschool as well as he grows and seeks God’s will for his precious life. He hopes that fishing will be a part of what God has called him to do! He spent a wonderful summer in VA with his grandpa fishing at the various piers and coming home with buckets of fish!
Starr will also continue to homeschool with mom and dad in the Dominican Republic. She is excited to return home after an exciting summer with grandma and grandpa in VA. She enjoyed visits to Virginia Beach and Ocean Breeze water park with her aunt Cookie! Solimar is beginning her homeschool journey as a first grader this year! She is also excited to return to the DR after an amazing summer with her grandparents in VA.
Although our family has faced a significant amount of trials this year, we stand amazed at the goodness of our Father God who has given us the strength to move forward. He has been our HOPE as we had the unfortunate events of saying goodbye to several loved ones this year. He has given us all reason and purpose to continue to move ahead and to not allow the grief that ravages us to overcome us. We have decided to move on and to allow Him to be glorified in our daily choices.
Thus, we pray that you will join us in moving forward. As life presents it’s mountains and it’s valleys, let us not stay behind. Let us continue in this race right here in the land of the living. May we not be conformed to this world, but may we allow our heavenly Father to renew our minds daily as we push toward His calling for our lives.
He has called you with divine purpose. He has called you with everlasting HOPE for this lost and broken world. Will you allow Him to use you right where you are? Will you move forward despite your circumstances? Will you be the ONE that He one day looks upon with joy and says, “Well done, good and faithful servant”?
Dominguez family

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