As some of you know, 2013 has been a difficult year for us. We lost several people whom God used to help shape us. As we were able to take some time to reflect upon life in view of these deaths, we could simply see that God is still good.
His word still shines, though the sting of darkness seemingly invades. Each of us has dealt with our pain in various ways, yet God has carried us all to the same place. We find ourselves at a place called acceptance. Questions invade our minds, doubt tugs at our hearts, yet we choose to accept His will and His divine purpose for our lives.
Though life will never be the same again, we continue. We move on in Him. We live for our God. We stand absolutely sure of the fact that He will never stop loving us. Death doesn’t take away His love. Nothing could ever separate us from His love. Thus, we hold tight to His loving embrace as He carries us to our next destination on this voyage called life.
He is good. He never stops being good. His goodness is not proven by our emotions, nor by our circumstances. His goodness has been proven by His word. He does not lie. So we trust Him and we believe that His grace is sufficient.

1 thought on “Acceptance”

  1. That’s all He wants us to do… Him! Thank God for Jesus. You’ll always be in our prayers and we are so very very proud of the work you do. Love you much!


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