In the Dark!

“The lights won’t turn on,” proclaimed my husband as we walked in the door. After a month of hosting a large team from the USA, a weekend of running my children around, to watching my son’s basketball game early in the morning, car pooling his team mates, entertaining guests, catching up on administrative tasks and visiting with family; this mamma just wanted to fix a quick dinner, iron something easy for the next day’s church service, then go to bed!
But no lights meant no electricity which meant no ironing and cooking with a flashlight!
Frustrations filled my heart as I saw that our battery operated energy converters were working just fine for the outdoor lights, but the house was dark, completely dark!
“The converter for the house didn’t charge, if the power company doesn’t turn on electricity for our town tonight, we will be in the dark all night,” my husband announced as he hung his head low.
I watched him walk outside with his bible to finish his message for tomorrow morning’s service. I saw the sadness in his eyes as he opened his bible and my heart was full of compassion.
It must not be easy for a man to look his family in the face and tell them that he can’t fix their problem. I all of a sudden had flashbacks of the many times we faced hardships that he couldn’t fix while on the mission field and it tore my heart apart for a moment.
For a moment I felt his disappointment and I could feel the accuser trying his best to bring him down. Yet, he was still determined to prepare his message. He could’ve easily chosen to forget about the message since he had to sit in an uncomfortable plastic chair under the lights of our driveway, but he didn’t. He stayed there, feeling whipped by the enemy, yet he opened his bible.
I was convicted by his determination. I felt compelled to rush to his side to offer comfort. I rubbed his back and told him how proud I was of him. I reminded him of the enemy who hates him and tries everything within his power to destroy him. I prayed for him, then went back inside and worshipped God…in the dark!
I fixed dinner, served my husband, my children and our guests…in the dark!
I praised God in my dark cabin on the mountain. I repeated over and over again that I would praise Him in the dark and in the light.
I knew that my husband nor I had ironed clothes for church the next morning, but I praised him anyway.
The children took their baths in the dark. I washed the dinner dishes in the dark and praised God all the while.
As  I washed the dishes, in heard the sweet humming sound of the refrigerator. “Honey, the electricity is back on!” I exclaimed. My sweetie rushed in to flip on the right switches and our home was full of light.
I praised God as I ironed!
We ended our evening with Isaiah 60 where God promises that our light has come. Although our family devotion time was interrupted by a mouse that my wonderful husband and our guest killed while I screamed like an enormous baby; God’s presence was truly evident as we chose to focus on Him and to give Him thanks in the midst of the darkness.


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