A Tribute to Dawn

I will never forget that telephone call last year today. “She’s gone,” were the solemn words spoken on the other end of the line. Shocked gripped my heart, but the busyness of the day would not allow me to grieve.

I tried to be strong, but how could I be? Weakness stretched all the way to my bones as I walked back to the car. How could this be? Dawn was no longer here. Life would forever be changed.

I remember you Dawn. I remember how I felt safe walking to MLK every morning when I was a little girl because you were with me. I remember how you patiently braided my hair, even though I could never sit still! I remember when you taught me about the birds and the bees and your laughter as my face frowned!

I remember how we would play dress up with Nana’s clothes while she was at work and walk around the house in her heels! I remember how you made me sit and read the encyclopedia every day and taught me how to build houses out of cards.

I remember how you taught me about forgiveness when others hurt us and how you protected me from them.

I remember how we fought over things that seem so stupid today! Oh how I wish you were here so that I could hug you and say, “I’m sorry” to your face.

I remember how you went back to college and worked hard to graduate top of your class. Then on to Law School…you told me you wanted to help the needy. I knew you would.

I remember the great things about you today. I hope you know how much I admired you!

I miss you like crazy, yet I know you would’ve wanted me to move on. So onward I march. I go forth to help as many needy ones that I can. I go forth to protect as many little ones as I can. I go forth to tell as many as I can of the love of our Father that you embraced before you left us.

I hope that God would give you the chance to join in on that great multitude of witnesses In heaven to take a peak at me from time to time.

Your life lives on in our hearts and in our memories. Though you no longer breathe on this earth, I know that you remain in the safe arms of our Heavenly Father.


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