A Tribute to My Boys

10366250_10203628423372061_1795221535710456829_nI am extremely proud of my three sons, Jonathan, Jose and Josue. Each of them serves in a branch of the US Military.

I am truly a privileged mom as I have had the opportunity to watch them grow into men and make difficult choices at such young ages.

God has blessed our nation and we must encourage the next generation to appreciate and to honor those who sacrifice to make the USA a safer place for us all.10390439_10203628484493589_6213780163548029554_n

It saddens me to hear the negative statements of my peers who oppose our military. How could we be against what God has used for generations to keep us safe?

I, for one, am glad that I have sons willing to stand for our nation. Shouldn’t we all?

I know that it is difficult for some to understand, but didn’t I spend my entire adult life at home preparing them for this day? I always knew they would leave one day and it was my desire to prepare them to live in the most hostile environment.

Living on military bases has given them the opportunity to test and to live out what they learned at home. They have grown and those around them grow.

I’m excited, for I know that now America is much safer because my boys are protecting us!!!! Yes, I’m a proud mama! Dad is even more proud! 10409424_10203628511934275_8876375658506742642_n

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