Time out for family!






God has blessed our family with wonderful family time this year! We are grateful to Him and to our supporters for allowing us this special time together.

Our young adults continue to mature in their distinctive military positions, college endeavors and daily jobs. Jonathan is now working as a Deputy sheriff as he continues his studies at Regent University and continues to train in the Army as a Military Police Officer. Selina is completing her last semester of college at Regent University and is excited about graduating this spring. She plans to spend the summer in the Dominican Republic to work with our camps and teams. Jose advances in the Air Force as a crew chief and holds down a daily job as he prepares for studying Aerospace Engineering. Josue perseveres in the Marines and maintains a daily job as he studies Psychology.CSC_0160

Ruben Jr. and Josiah were blessed with the opportunity to spend a few months in VA with their siblings to play basketball for a homeschooled team. This was a dream come true for them as they don’t have this opportunity in the DR. They are both doing well in school, Jr. graduates next spring!

Starr and Solimar are precious! They sure do know how to find joy in life. They spend their days studying, writing in their journals, reading their devotionals and other books, creating songs or dances and simply making the rest of us smile.

Please continue to pray for us as we embrace this time together. Since our young men are in the military, there is always a chance of them getting deployed and the rest of us live overseas, we know that we won’t have much more time to share together. Yet, we are eternally grateful for the moments that God has given us this year!




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