Today I Choose to Rest

Mark 6:31NLT Then Jesus said, “Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile.” He said this because there were so many people coming and going that Jesus and his apostles didn’t have time to eat.


Today I choose to rest. It’s not an easy thing to do. My mind loves to race, my body loves to move and my hands love to work. Resting feels like work at first. It takes practice to make myself stop. Though this is difficult, I must submit. I must stop. Today I will cease to do all of what is important on the outward. I will focus on what’s inside me, on the Spirit who so easily is neglected by my busyness. I rest on the shoulder’s of my Master today and I cuddle in His arms. I feel safe in this place of calm.

As life keeps moving, make a decision to stop. Take moments to stop and to enjoy the reasons why you keep moving. Stop and embrace the love that we oftentimes neglect because of our work. Be sure to keep priorities in order and rest!

Father God, please give me the ability to rest. Help me to stop when I need to take a break. In my moments of rest, please enable me to see You in a deeper and more meaningful way.

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