A Short Visit With Jose

It all began with hugs and laughter. After two years Jose was home. We smiled as we watched him walk down the stairs to the immigration booth. We then rushed to wait at the passage way where he would appear. Our hearts were filled with excitement as we anticipated his arrival.

My camera was ready. My heart was overjoyed. My husband held back his tears of joy. My other children shrieked with gladness as they awaited their brother. My in laws were even there to gather the grandson now turned Airman!


We had a wonderful time together!

In so many ways, he was still our Jose. In other ways, he’s changed. He’s a man now. He is funny and not willing to keep his opinion to himself. I think he got that from me! He was most definitely a joy to be around.

We enjoyed his company at the beach. We worked together at our children camps. We relished our time together at home looking at old family photos or just talking on our porch. He blessed us during devotions and never feigned about his own walk with Christ, he allowed us to join him on his voyage of faith.wpid-wp-1440102656918.jpegwpid-wp-1440102614623.jpeg

My wonderful body guard, confidant, introverted (like his mom), whimsical, special quality time person left two days ago. He’s not here for me to kiss all over the face. He’s not here for me to take a walk with down my favorite path. He’s not here to tell me that I’m driving him crazy when I talk back to much to dad! He’s not here for me hear him say, “Ya’ll gonna learn today”.

wpid-wp-1440102569664.jpegHe boarded a plane back to his new home. His departure was different than his arrival. This time there were no smiles. No laughter. No excitement. Just sad faces and tears.

Yet, we are grateful for the moments we did share together. We are overjoyed with the new opportunities that await him. Plus, we know that we will see one another again.

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