Dad and His Boy


Hammocks gently swing in the breeze. Its quiet around here today. Well, sort of. Dad and his boy on are working on a broken down scooter.

It’s been their project for a few days now.

All day, we hear the tinkling of tools. We smell the fumes of the exhaust and we see the smiles of the 14 year old boy. Happy. His dad loves him.

His dad pastors so many. He’s respected and revered by children at his centers and honored by people around him. Yet, the smile of his boy keeps him tinkering with that moped.

“This is for you son,” he said the day he brought the broken down vehicle home. “We’ll fix it together.”

And that’s what they’ve done.

When they get tired of the moped, they feed the horses and go for a ride on horseback around the mountain. Or maybe a jump in the river on the other side of the mountain. They have fun together. 

The boy makes him smile. Father and son. Sweet and special.  Like the love of our Heavenly Father towards us, His children. He enjoys spending time with us. He delights in our moments together. Our contentment should be the same towards Him. We would live with peace if we could only learn to relish in His existence.

At night when Momma is ready for a good night’s sleep, she finds dad and his boy in her bed laughing at their heart’s delight. Cantinflas is on the screen while they laugh.

So, the hammocks are handy! Good thing they came with mosquito nets!



This airplane hangs on my huge wrap around porch. It hangs there as a symbol. I remember rummaging through Ross, my discount department store of choice, for decorations that would fit my family. Things that represented us.

Our uniqueness.

Our individuality.

The Dominguez clan. A tribe of various voices with one heart. A love expressed in ten different ways, yet love all the same. A HOPE that glistens and shines even through adversity. That’s us.

That airplane is us.

A simple relic of vision that takes flight. A dream that risks rain and wind to get to its destination. A faith that glides above the clouds, with our Captain keeping us in flight.

An airplane.

It takes us from where we once were to where we are now. From a distant reality to a known existence. That plane is us.

Different destinations. Distant destinies. Yet all in one piece.

That plane hangs there as a daily reminder. I won’t forget where I used to be and where I am today.

Just like God transformed the widow’s misery of poverty into a thriving business.

Just like God moving the Israelites from slavery into freedom.

And the lost coin that was found. I think we are that coin.

Our family. Our tribe. Our clan. There is no other like ours.

God has taken each of us to various places on His “airplane” of life. Different places, same love. Different dreams, same HOPE.

And it all hangs on the same promise.

The promise of our Heavenly Father’s love towards us. A love that will never go away. We rely on His promise.

Our lives remain because His promise is true.

Thus we become the symbol. The picture of His grace. The ultimate illustration of His love that transforms and makes good on His creation.