Stop. Pause. Remember

Yesterday we paused. We gathered together as a family, young and old, to celebrate the veteran in our midst. Celebrations are important. If we don’t take the necessary time to remember the past and to establish the memories thereof, we offer no hope of progress or victory to the next generation.


Thus, we must celebrate together! 

We need to create an atmosphere in our homes and in our hearts where we stop to remember. Like the Israelites. They stop a few times every year just to remember. Each generation knows what it took to get to where they are today. Are your children aware of the sacrifice that others paid for their freedom?

Freedom comes with a price.

Christ paid a price for our freedom, so we celebrate on Resurrection Sunday. Each year, we rejoice our own births around a birthday cake and family. These are the things that give us the impetus to continue. Each birthday makes me want to grow wiser the next year and it makes me want to know my Savior better. Each Resurrection Sunday makes me appreciate my Savior more and gives me the desire to know Him deeply.

So, our family stopped yesterday. We put aside school, work and our own desires to make sure that the veteran in our midst felt loved and appreciated for his service to our nation. We stopped for a day to give my own young military sons a vision for life when the vitality of youth is over. It gave them a deeper desire to serve our nation in a greater way. It showed them how important it is to appreciate those who paved this amazing path for them.

Stop. Pause. Remember. 

Give honor where its due and you will teach generations to come to be  appreciative and to work hard for their own dreams to come true.


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