Advent-Hopeful Expectation


I’m enjoying my early morning encounters with my Savior this month. He has blessed me as I use our time together to explore the beauty of this season. Advent is a time of waiting. Some may use this time to await December 25. Though the laughter, family time, great food and gifts are a joy to my soul; I’m awaiting something even greater!

You see, my Savior has promised to return. He fulfilled His first promise to appear. The very reason we currently celebrate Christmas. Yet, He is full of promises that He will fulfill. Promises of provision here and now. Promises of HOPE when we feel hopeless. Promises of peace when life feels unraveled. Promises of joy when sadness tries to reign. His greatest promise to us is that He will return. 


He will come back. He will make all of the wrongs right. He will take us home to heaven and those saints who have already left this realm will rise. I’ll meet my grandma in the air on that day. I’ll see Him face to face. I live for that day.

This place of waiting only creates a deeper intensity within me to live with Him forever. Every challenge that I face here is nothing compared to the glory that He will reveal. This HOPE gives me what I need to move on each day. I can’t wallow in the pity of my problems knowing that I serve a God who is greater than this earthly place.

He is above it all. He reigns. He proves it all the time and He will prove it once again with His grand re-entrance! 

Are you ready for that day?

He says that you must believe that Jesus Christ is Lord. He says that you must confess with your mouth that our Father God raised Jesus Christ from the dead. That belief and confession of faith brings about a transformation that only His Holy Spirit can perform. This is called being born again.

Perhaps you are ready for that great day. Are you making others ready? What are you doing to ensure that your neighbors, co-worker, friends and family at least know the truth about His triumphant return? Don’t remain silent if you have. Open you mouth, take out your pen, do whatever you must to share His message of truth with this world.

As we enjoy this season of Advent, let’s expectantly hope in His return. He’s coming back. He really is.




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