You Don't Have a Choice


The text was sent in Spanish, but it translates something like this, “I’ll be back in the Dominican Republic next week, please go to my house and check my water heater. It was acting funny before I left and I need it to be working when I return.” The response, “No problem, I’m on it.”

A few days later my phone alerted me with this unpleasant message, “The water heater is not working at all. I had to uninstall it and take it to the shop. It won’t be ready before you return.” My heart sank a little.

Mornings and evenings are chilly on HOPE Mountain in January. I shower in the morning or in the evening! This was not a happy moment.

Once back, I knew it had to be done. I had to take a shower.

The cool air was  brisk. My body was shivering before I even turned on the water. It was cold! I know its hard to believe. I know that I live in a beautiful tropical country. I know that our days are usually in the 70’s. But at that moment…I was cold. Mornings and evening drop to upper 50’s or low 60’s. When I’m that chilly in the states, I turn on the heat. There is no heat to turn on here, we simply have sweaters and blankets for cuddling when we shiver. I have yet to see a blanket for the cold shower.

So there I stood, all lathered up and not willing to make myself suffer a little more discomfort. Soap was all over me. The only way out of this was to go in.

Then it hit me. I didn’t have a choice. 


God speaks so clearly in His word, “Choose life so that you and your descendants may live.” He said, “Life and death are before you, but choose life.” We don’t have a choice. I didn’t have a choice. It was freeze a little or itch like crazy!

Life is that way you know. Obey God or live without peace. Walk His way or live in misery. Choose life or die.

It’s really that simple.

His way may make us or those around us feel uncomfortable at times, but its the best way.

It usually takes difficulty to create beauty. 

Like a mother giving birth.

Like a caterpillar coming out of its cocoon.

Like restoring a hurting marriage.

Like loving a prodigal child.

Like a dead seed sprouting roots beneath the earth.


It’s not easy. Our flesh doesn’t like discomfort. The great news is that our present sufferings will never match our future glory.

So, whether its a cold shower or a broken relationship-let’s hang in there. We really have no choice but to stick it out.

If we want the good that comes at the other end, we have no other choice but to continue.

Giving up is never an option.

Regardless of what messages pop up on my phone these days,  I’m sticking it out. I’m going to get to the other side….no matter what!


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