The Reason…


A new friend of mine will be moving her family back to her native land soon. Like my husband, she grew up in her country, then moved to the states as a young woman and began a new life. She is a beautiful mixture of both worlds. She sees life through the lenses of distinct cultures and manuevers her world as our Father God leads.

She and I met recently to talk about her new move. She was eager to hear my story as it relates to her new move. She pretty much understands the reality of this undertaking since she grew up in the land to which she will return, but she wanted to know what it’s been like for me and for my family.

As I shared my journey with her, all I could do was thank God for his faithfulness.

There are so many beautiful victories in ministry. My greatest joy is to see the restoration of a demolished life. I love that God has given me tools to aid hearts that need repair. I love that His power faithfully works and creates new minds with goals that honor Him. I am privileged to be His servant.

Though the life of a minister of the gospel is full of great and amazing achievements, the adversity faced can be overwhelming.

Recently, one of our trusted workers was caught stealing from my house. Another employee abandoned her job with us for a few months, then sued us for severance pay. I can’t count the times we were lied about or backstabbed. There are also those in ministry who use us to accomplish their goals and never give us any thanks.

The distance from our friends in the states often times cause problems in miscommunication which leads to chasms in our relationships. Cold showers, mosquito bites, bumpy roads, hot sun, no electricity, low financial support and constantly adjusting to something new is far beyond hard!

My new friend understood all of this. She grew up in her native land. Her dad was a pastor, she is aware of the pain.

Just like the sower in Matthew 13, we are responsible to faithfully sow the seed. We won’t always know what the ground is like until its time for the harvest.

Though this ministry life is full of twists and turns, I won’t give up.

One day I will stand before God. On that day I will have to give Him an account for all of what I did here. I want to hear Him say, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

I understand that I’m not working for me. I’m not working for my husband. I’m not even working for the people we serve. I’m working for God. My Master is my boss. I give an account to Him.

I envision Him showing me a long list of names that get to enter heaven one day because of my decision to continue. 

It’s all for Him.

So as my new friend packs her bags and board that plane with her family, I know that God will be with her. We will not fail if He is the reason for our journey.


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