Do You SOAP?

IMG_2222I found these cute journals at Sams Club a few weeks ago. They are simply pleasant. I needed something to get my girls excited about spending time in God’s word. It’s time for them to develop their own walks with Christ and to know Him for themselves. So, when I saw the journals on sale, I knew exactly what to do!

A fellow pastor’s wife that I highly respect led me to SOAP while she visited HOPE Mountain. She was preparing for her women’s group and I asked for advice in leading my groups of ladies. She directed me to the Love God Greatly website and my life has not been the same since!

SOAP is straightforward. Its an uncomplicated way to keep me grounded in His word as I apply the scriptures to my daily life. I could see how my life had been enriched. Naturally, I wanted my daughter’s lives equally cultivated.

I gathered my two butterfly princesses one morning. We sat in our recliners in our loft in Virginia with coffee in hand (yes, my girls drink coffee), journals and pens. We talked about the importance of reading the bible every day and how we all need to apply His word to our daily lives.

They both expressed their desire to do so, but felt inadequate. I listened as we sipped on my favorite drink. I shared some of the insecurities I faced throughout life in walking out the scriptures. It was an exclusive morning. It was our special time together. No other siblings around to distract us. We had the house to ourselves and I was sure to take advantage of the moment!

We then began to SOAP!

Oh, it was precious! My girls took scriptures and went through a process that will help to solidify their walks with our Creator. They are learning to walk with Him at a young age and my mamma’s heart is full!

Starr’s SOAP!

Perhaps this will help you too. Take a moment to SOAP and your time spent with God each day will be full of the goodness of our Savior.

S-The S stands for Scripture. Write out the scripture. 

O-The O stands for Observation. What stood out to you in the scripture? Circle or underline it. Write notes about it.

A-The A stands for Application. How can you apply this scripture to your life?

P-The P stands for Prayer. Rewrite the scripture as a prayer and pray it over your life. 

IMG_2220Our journals are filling up with observations, prayers and applications to scripture. I love that God is teaching my girls now. I love that they have tools to help them maintain their walks with Him as life transits.

SOAP each day to obtain the abundant life our Father intended you to live.

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