In the Silence…

Mark 15:5 But, Jesus said nothing, much to Pilates surprise.

Jesus was under arrest. He boldly declares His deity when Pilate asked if He was the King of the Jews, but remained silent when His character was questioned. When the people questioned His actions, He was silent and calm.

All to often, I find myself standing before Pilate.

The “Pilates” of this world are humans who so want to see the truth, yet ignore the truth that stands before them. Pilate had the Truth in his presence and could not see it. Pilate questioned the authenticity of Christ because of the opinions of those in his midst. All to often, the “Pilates” of this world decide the veracity of one based upon the ideas of the crowd. It takes maturity to judge someone simply based upon your relationship with them. It takes wisdom to see someone as they’ve been to you and to not decide who they are based upon the mob’s

Here Jesus remains silent.

Silent when they accuse. Calm when they blame. He carried His cross and didn’t complain. He walked down that road knowing and relying on the Truth of Himself.  His confidence was within. His reliance of His ability came from Himself. He was God and no one would ever change that.

So He let them talk. He let them accuse. He took it because He was sure of His call. Those who nailed Him to the cross did issue the call on His life. They had no power over Him. He relied on Himself. He trusted in the power of the One which gave Him the strength to carry that cross. That same power would raise Him up. He was confident of that.

His confidence wasn’t in their choice to believe. His confidence relied on the assurance that He, being God already possessed. He knew who He was. His person hood had already been established. He is God and Pilates belief or unbelief of that truth wouldn’t change His deity.

The Truth was there. The truth existed and permeated the place. Jesus relied on what He already knew about Himself.

The world will misjudge us.

The world will blame us.

The world will lie about us.

The world will hate us.

crossLike Jesus, we must grab on to the huge chunk of wood that is heavy and walk to our destiny.

Walking forward as they mock is daunting, but we must continue down our path. We must stand boldly in the value that He has assigned us. We must boldly face the persecution, knowing that God will resurrect us from impending death.

Christ stood firm and silent. Christ was sure and held His composure. Christ was confident. I will do the same. 


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