Beyond Moved

“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never say again that you did not know.” William Wilberforce

Two children are sold into the human sex trade every minute. According to the UN State of the World, nearly two million children are forced into the worldwide sex trade each year.

When we are in the states, we oftentimes travel to North Carolina to visit a few churches there who support our ministry. We usually drive, but this time we embarked upon our journey on a Greyhound bus. It really wasn’t as bad as I expected. The driver was polite and the other passengers were friendly.

My husband and I enjoyed the time together. Since we had taken a local route, our normal three hour drive advanced to six! Still, it wasn’t bad at all. We cuddled. We laughed. We even kissed in the dark.

Once we arrived at our destination, I made a quick stop in the ladies room. The moments spent in that restroom caused a major shift in my heart from hearing about sex trafficking to accepting its reality.

As I washed my hands, I couldn’t help but notice a flier taped to the mirror. It read in Spanish, “If you are here against your will, if you are being forced to have sex with anyone, please tear off the tab from the bottom of this flier and call us now.” My eyes lingered to the bottom of the flier where almost every tab was torn off.

I noticed the name of an Anti-Sex Traffic organization and it hit me like a brick! This is happening here too! 

I know, I’m late. I know, its been happening for a long time. I know, I should’ve known sooner. Truthfully, I didn’t.

But now I do!


Since that fateful day of November, 2015 I’ve sincerely asked God to show me my role in all of this. I could sense His nudge when I saw the flier, but I didn’t know what the nudge meant.

Defeating thoughts took permanence in my mind, “Who are you to do anything about this?” “You already have enough to do.” “You don’t have any money!”

I tried to let those thoughts reign, but the Spirit within me was grieved by my doubt. God has called me to do something. So I’ve made it a habit to think and to believe the truth when doubt tries to rise up. “I am a child of the Most High God, fully equipped and capable to do whatever He calls me to.” “He orders my steps.” “God is is my provider.”

Listen, you can do the same.

We all must come together to end this terrible force in society.

I’m taking the necessary time to learn more. I’m spending more time in God’s presence to hear His voice. I’m visiting homes where women and children have been rescued. I’m looking victims in their eyes and allowing myself to bear the pain of their experiences as they share their testimonies with me. I’m reading everything that I can get my hands on that pertains to this issue.

I am beyond moved.

As the realization of all of this is in all of our faces, we cannot remain silent. We can’t pretend that the world is okay just because our own children are safe. We cannot take our freedom for granted.

We must be like the abolitionist of old. We must give our bodies, our hearts, our minds, and our all to end this atrocity.

So now that you know, what will you do?



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