Stay Focused

I’m thrilled when my children send me videos and pictures of my grandchildren. I can’t fully express the honor I feel each time I look at one of them. I’m so blessed to know that my legacy continues through my grand babies. Generations to come will benefit from the choices that I make today, so I’m determined to glorify God in all I do right now.

My grandson Amari is such a joy. He radiates happiness in each video chat. His cheerful demeanor never ceases to put a smile on my face, even in the midst of a bad day. I’m ecstatic over the last video of him because he’s walking.

He isn’t just walking, he is focused on his blue ball. He even fell as he went after the ball, but falling didn’t keep him from his goal. His objective was to seize and to maintain possession the ball. Having to crawl didn’t stop him.

Isn’t it interesting that life has its way of causing us to divert our focus. I’m sure that you are more than likely concerned about something more intense than a blue ball, but let’s stay here for a moment. Could we possibly choose to see the magnitude of our mission as simply as Amari sees his ball?

Just keep going after it. Even when objects get in the way, stay focused. He saw something small on the floor that most babies would put in their mouths, instead he stopped to hand it over to mom. Could we possibly stop in the midst of our distractions and give them to Jesus?

Be like my sweet Amari, stay focused and stay on course. Keep going after the mission of your heart, even if you have to crawl towards it! Time will one day tell your story. Stay focused today and get it done now. Your heritage is counting on you.

Amari’s 1st Birthday!

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