Simply Me

We only get one chance to live this life and I aim to give it my best shot! Living life each day to it’s fullest is my pilgrimage. It may be a day full of housekeeping after my brood or a day filled with ministry appointments; either takes me to new level, a new momentum and a new horizon. I’m on an expedition.

Sometimes I don’t hit the mark, but that doesn’t stop me. I have a Spirit within me that won’t let me quit, even when I try.  My life’s wanderings oftentimes feel like a round trip journey. Somehow each adventure each day makes me stronger. I hope that you would know and embrace the Love of the God who created you as you read this blog. He looked at you when He was done forming you with His very own hands and said, “You are good!” So come for a ride with me to a place called reality; let’s face it together. Let’s embrace it together. Let’s snuggle up with the truth about our lives and let’s move on!  With Love in us and with us, we can do anything for God is love!

More than anything, I am a believer of the Most High God! I am a lover of Christ, a child of the King of kings. A hopeful cynic who tests and tries her faith every day! I get knocked down, but remaining in a declining state is not where you’ll find me. I most often bounce back from demise because of the unwavering power of the love of my God! I am His and He is mine. I’m tightly knitted and wrapped up in His love. My past has been redeemed, my present is secure and my future is blessed.

I am also the wife to a man with huge dreams of reaching his nation, the Dominican Republic, for Christ! His dream developed into  reality when our entire family of ten moved to the island of Hispaniola to plant churches and to bring relief to hurting children.

I am the mother of eight amazing children. Most are now adults starting out life and the rest are still homeschooling. We spend most of our time in the Dominican Republic where we reside at HOPE Mountain. There we plant churches, host mission groups, feed and educate children and provide hope to women.

I hope you enjoy this journey of life with me. Let’s make the most out of the only one we get!

 Face your life. Embrace your life. Enjoy your life. Let’s do it together.