This older blog reminds me of the beauty, individuality and unity of my family.

Vicki Dominguez


This airplane hangs on my huge wrap around porch. It hangs there as a symbol. I remember rummaging through Ross, my discount department store of choice, for decorations that would fit my family. Things that represented us.

Our uniqueness.

Our individuality.

The Dominguez clan. A tribe of various voices with one heart. A love expressed in ten different ways, yet love all the same. A HOPE that glistens and shines even through adversity. That’s us.

That airplane is us.

A simple relic of vision that takes flight. A dream that risks rain and wind to get to its destination. A faith that glides above the clouds, with our Captain keeping us in flight.

An airplane.

It takes us from where we once were to where we are now. From a distant reality to a known existence. That plane is us.

Different destinations. Distant destinies. Yet all in one piece.


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