Beauty For Ashes

I had rough year last year. Like some people, I was thrilled at midnight of December 31, 2016. The year was over. I wished away the sadness of that year as the clock struck 12! We all know that wishing away anything doesn’t work, nevertheless I tried. It was a year full of sad surprises that […]

Do You SOAP?

I found these cute journals at Sams Club a few weeks ago. They are simply pleasant. I needed something to get my girls excited about spending time in God’s word. It’s time for them to develop their own walks with Christ and to know Him for themselves. So, when I saw the journals on sale, […]

Coffee and Memories

Its 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The hammocks swing in the breeze and a small group of ladies lay around the pool. The gentle hum of the washing machine assures me that I’m not behind with my laundry. The guys just ran off to work on the land. I can slightly hear the wavering cry […]

A Mountain of HOPE

There is a sensation that accompanies me while on HOPE Mountain. A feeling that embodies peace and tranquility in my soul. It’s an escape from the despair that resides outside my iron gate. A vacation of sorts from the turmoil that invades the city. It takes me away from my reality, from a place of […]

The Reason…

A new friend of mine will be moving her family back to her native land soon. Like my husband, she grew up in her country, then moved to the states as a young woman and began a new life. She is a beautiful mixture of both worlds. She sees life through the lenses of distinct […]

An Heartfelt Explanation

“She’s gone Vicki,” our ministry base cook could barely look me in the eyes, “you know, the young mother with cancer.” She lowered her head even more, “My niece.” Her voice cracked a little, “She didn’t make it.” “I’m so sorry,” I hugged her briefly. She isn’t a big hugger. She’s still learning to trust […]

Not Just a Funny Girdle Story!

Once upon a time, my very observant daughter Selina bought me a girdle. The girdle became a trusted friend. I relied on this uncomfortable corset for years. It seemed to never fail. This constant companion made me look smaller and it gave me an amazing shape! My girdle, my friend, my tight sister, my forever […]

Cuddles, Snuggles and Love

The chill in Virginia is a little more intense than the air in the Dominican Republic. The cool mornings here keep me wrapped up tight under the covers more often than I care to admit. I contemplated getting up early as I usually do, but the cold air from a recent snowfall resounded “no” in […]

Beneath the Smiles

I recently posted our family photos to Facebook. It was amusing to read the comments of our friends and family. Some were astounded by our photogenic qualities and shared a desire to be more like us. Those comments produced much laughter within our home. Considering the fact that authenticity is my way to go (often […]